Eagle Lake RV Park Scrapbook


Animals you may see here

  • Birds: Bald eagles winter here and nest in the nearby Jeffery pine forest. White pelicans, western grebes, great blue herons, osprey, and many diving ducks feed on fish in the lake. Valley quail live in brushy and grassy areas.
    - In early spring, Canada geese, mallards, pintails and other waterfowl are especially numerous.
    - May through June and September through October are peak months for viewing shorebirds, waterfowl and osprey, though viewing is good through the summer.
    -April through September are peak months for viewing bald eagles.


  • Other wildlife: Mule deer are common throughout the area, and fawn on the northern end of the basin. Pronghorn antelope cross the northern and eastern sides of the basin. Bobcats are also seen occasionally. Various small mammals find homes throughout the Eagle Lake basin.



Viewing tips for this area

  • While circling the lake by car, look for the many wildlife viewing turnoffs along State Highway 139.
  • Boat launch facilities are available at both the north and south ends of the lakes. Small boats can be launched from shoreline areas along Highway 139 and at Rocky Point, off County Road A-1.
  • Numerous campgrounds can be found around the lake, some primitive. Facilities can be found at the BLM's North Eagle Lake Campground - 30 miles north of Susanville on Highway 139, then 1/2 mile west on County Road A-1 (fee area), and on U.S. Forest Service land.
  • Be sure to see tips for "Ultimate Wildlife Watching."

Information supplied by US Dept. of the Interior BLM.